Enjoying the Little Things, Avoiding Zombies, and Free Diet Coke!!

“Don’t forget to enjoy the little things.”

These wise words are spoken by the nerdy, but resourceful character Columbus in the campy survivor film, Zombieland.   Columbus, played by actor Jesse Eisenberg, has survived so far by following  a set of rules of his own making.   Some of his rules are particularly appropriate in a zombie apocalypse.  Rules like “always check the backseat” and “beware of bathrooms” are quite fitting if blood thirsty undead are lurking around every corner, waiting to eat your brains.

But other rules apply both in Zombieland and in a few real life situations as well….Like Rule #8: “Get a kick-ass partner.” In a zombie overrun city, your kick-ass partner might help you bust up a few zombie skulls.  Or he or she might be your trusty look out during bathroom breaks, making the “beware of bathrooms” rule a little less necessary. Outside of Zombieland, the rule of getting a kick-ass partner has also helped many people get out of all kinds of trouble.   At 21 Jump Street, Johnny Depp would never made it without Peter DeLuise…… And Lucy would have been completely overrun by that candy conveyor belt if it hadn’t been for Ethel! …..and so many of Wayne Campbell’s attempts to make a fool out of his unsuspecting talk show guest would never have worked without Garth giggling at his side.  Wayne knew darn well that “Asphinctersayswhat?” would have dropped like a brick without Garth’s perfect comedic timing!

But the one rule in Zombieland that I believe applies to every person in every situation is the rule that is the most simple and sweet…. Rule #32 – “Enjoy the little things.”

The little things in the movie are simple….like a Hostess Twinkie in a dangerous world.  In my world, the little things are equally simple.   A sunny day……a funny joke……the company of good friends…..or some other unexpected pleasure.  Life is so full of little things just waiting to be enjoyed.  And we shouldn’t need hungry zombies eyeing us up like a steak and potato meal in order to remember that the little things do count!

Here are just a few little things that I enjoyed this week….

  • On saturday, I found Johnny Cash at San Quentin for only 99 cents at Tunes.  I am gonna make that LP into a vinyl bowl this week.
  • I sold a set of coasters on Etsy today.
  • On Monday there was diet coke in the work fridge left over from a party on Saturday! Free zero calorie soda! Yay!
  • I spent a nice day on Sunday with my family and I got to watch my young niece run across an entire lawn littered with brightly colored plastic eggs to get to the only egg  balancing on the edge of the trampoline.  She must have run over 30 or 40 eggs on the way!  The heart wants what the heart wants!  It made me smile.
  • Yesterday, I realized that I have had free HBO all week and didn’t know it, and that sadly the free trial was ending that day!  Bummer.  But then today… surprise!  I still have HBO!  How long will it last? … Oh the joy!!

So please enjoy the little things!  They really do matter.  Life is hectic and sometimes stressful and sometimes short………Plus, we never know when the zombie apocolypse might strike!

And in addition to enjoying those small pleasures,…… if you can also get a kick-ass partner, do that too!……  Zombies or no zombies, a kick-ass partner rocks!!!

Columbus and Tallahassee ready for a zombie encounter!  http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/arts-entertainment/zombieland-23639.html

Columbus and Tallahassee ready for a zombie encounter! http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/arts-entertainment/zombieland-23639.html

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Lisa has two active blogs on Wordpress. Views from the RoofTop started as a blog space to share about crafting and using repurposed materials to make useful housewares and about my craft shop's mascot, RoofTop Chalie, the repurposed racing greyhound. It has evolved into a space to also share about the things in life that intrigue and inspire me. GAMES GAMES GAMES started because people asked Lisa to share many of the silly and fun games that are staples at her holiday parties.
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5 Responses to Enjoying the Little Things, Avoiding Zombies, and Free Diet Coke!!

  1. Fe says:

    Indeed. Enjoy the little things! Zombieland is just awesome.

  2. Lisa, if I were in a zombie apocalypse, I think you would make a kick-ass partner! Awesome post!

  3. Karelia Stetz-Waters says:

    I love the reminder to appreciate the little things in live…and I love that you started off that blog with a zombie reference. Full marks! That rocked!

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