Hey, Hey, My, My…..Rock and Roll Can Never Die

If you are old enough, you might remember a brief period in the late 1970s when teen boys who were usually clad in t-shirts emblazoned with their favorite rock and roll bands, like Yes and Rush and the Who, suddenly started a fashion trend.  Occasionally, we saw these long haired and sometimes red-eyed young men wearing colorful t-shirts with an iron-on decal declaring that “Disco Sucks.”

Now just because they LOVED rock, why did they have to dis another music style?  For some reason, those young rockers felt worried or maybe even threatened by the popularity of disco.  Could disco music become so popular that rock and roll could become a thing of the past?  Could disco erase rock?

Well of course not, silly boys.

Since the beginnings of rock and roll in the 1940s and 1950s, lots of people have wondered how long it could possibly last.

But our old friend Neil Young knew his stuff when he sang, “Rock and Roll can never die,” on his album Rust Never Sleeps.    Die?……..well, no.   But adapt and change?………a resounding YES!.

The Wikepedia has a listing titled “List of Rock Genres” and asserts that this very, very long list are all rooted in that original rock and roll music of the ’40s and ’50s.  Now some of these genres, I expected.  Grunge, Rockabilly, and Alternative rock….sure.  Glam Metal……yeah, okay.

But what the heck is Bandanna Thrash…….or Swamp Pop?  Who exactly is the Swamp Pop demographic?  I think those fans might scare me just a little.

And then what about Viking Metal or Math Rock?  Cause I always thought that Math Rock was those songs my 3rd grade teacher shared to help me learn my times tables.

Well it appears that I need to branch out a bit musically.  Of the many genres listed, I had only heard of a small few.

But for now, I want to share a coaster project that I have been working on for some RoofTop special orders.  These coaster sets are made from the record sleeves of old cast-off L.P.s and they channel my love for rock and roll and ALL it subsequent genres.  Cause folks who listen to any rock genre, including Classic Rock or even CrustPunk, they should all care about protecting a table’s surface from unsightly rings!  Right?

The sleeve from 1974's Relayer, from Progressive Rock band Yes.

Coasters from the album cover of Relayer, from Progressive Rock band Yes.

Greeting From Asbury Park, from Bruce Springsteen had a solid black sleeve with this colorful flap attached.

Greetings From Asbury Park, from Bruce Springsteen, had a solid black cover with this colorful flap, which covered two-thirds of the album cover.

So what have we learned?

#1. Rock and Roll can never die.

#2. Coasters will protect your table.

#3.There is one thing that the fans of all of these Rock and Roll genres have in common…..whether they dig Rock Against Communism, or Riot Grrl, or even NintendoCore…….they all know that DISCO SUCKS!

(J.K. about the disco music.  I actually love it!  In fact, I am working on an ABBA coaster set as I write this.  But let’s keep that from the fans of PowerViolence and Doom Metal, okay?……..cause they scare me quite a lot!)


And of course, here is the link to the Wiki on Rock Genres…..how many do you know?



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9 Responses to Hey, Hey, My, My…..Rock and Roll Can Never Die

  1. Are you supposed to wear a bandana while thrashing to Bandana Thrash? Is Sludge Metal the antithesis of Sunshine Pop? I guess it all really is Weird New America. Great post…I obviously found myself completely engrossed in that Wiki list! I also love new coasters! What a great idea to use the entire album cover. I was just lamenting the other day how album covers and liner notes are becoming a lost art form in the era of downloaded music. It is so great to see your upcycling helping to keep the art alive!

    • Erin- Those album covers and sleeves were works of art and it makes me sad that young people don’t get that same experience when they buy music. We would spend at least an hour studying the cover sleeve when we got a new album. And even the White Album, , while intentionally minimalistic, came with glossy head shots of each member of the Beatles. It is a lost art, I am afraid. Maybe new vinyl will REALLY come back.

      As I am obsessed with that Wiki list too! .

  2. sharon Bingaman Carrozza says:

    loved the blog and I’m so happy to see those beautiful album covers undergo a rebirth. Keep up the good work!

  3. First off, categorizers have so nit-picked rock as to make a huge number of ridiculous sub-sub-sub genres. Some are kind of legit. After first recoiling at the term, I have come to accept and understand Shoegaze, for instance, after having listened to a variety of it (and quite liking it!), but a lot of the acts that are tagged with the style don’t buy into being a part of it. I’m always looking someone up (daily) on Wiki and seeing what they have listed for them and chuckle at the new and seemingly infinite variety of ways that rock can be picked to pieces in the name of categorization. Sadcore? Really? That can’t be much different than Emo or Darkwave can it? This reminds me of a recent South Park ep where Goth kids were trying to explain how they were so much different than the Emo kids. They had trouble doing that. It was funny. The Goths knew their friend had been turned when they heard her listening to Sunny Day Real Estate!

    I think rock was quite threatened by the popularity of Disco, but then the form did what it has done so well to help it thrive over the years, it integrated it into itself, like the Borg. I can hear Debbie Harry singing now…

    Anyway, this project of yours rocks me even more than your maps. I want to think of something to have done but it would be so hard to pick just one. Fine choice in Relayer there!

    • The Relayer set was made for Nancy, who is giving it as a gift. And, ironically, I mentioned Shoegaze in my first draft, but then pulled it, cause I just couldn’t wrap my head around the title! Its so great that you know it!

      And, of course, let me know if you have a title you want me to look for.

  4. Steven Squillace says:

    I really enjoyed stepping back into the past with your well written blog post Lisa, it sure did bring back a lot of memories. I never did quite get the whole Disco sucks thing, In my opinion everyone likes different kinds of music and that’s the Beauty of living in the Good Ole U.S.A. we still have the freedom to choose our own religion,the type of music we like,and our favorite flavor of ice cream. Thank Goodness for that cause there is some Rock and Roll that I Love and some that I don’t.

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