RoofTop Chalie Sees a Snake

The small brown snake came out of the flower bed and was sidewinding across the stone driveway toward where Chalie and I were standing.  Chalie had never seen a snake before and I wondered how he’d react.

The snake was unaware of us and was just moseying along…….happy as a snake.

Chalie the greyhound saw him first.

Chalie jumped once, and then twice.  And then Chalie let out a piercing shriek……not a bark or a howl or a yelp…….a long and unbroken shriek.  Like Janet Leigh in the shower scene in Psycho……Chalie was screaming.   The ruckus quickly turned the snake around.

And my calm, obedient greyhound, who never pulls on his leash…… nearly dislocated my shoulder.  Chalie weighs 80 pounds and I weigh……..well, more.  A whole lot more.  Yet I was being forcefully led.

Chalie strained on that leash with so much force that I worried that his martingale collar would cause him to faint.  I did my best to jog along, but when we finally stood at the front door, I fumbled with my key.  Impatient Chalie pawed at the door and pressed his snout against the wood, trying to push the door open on his own.

As Chalie bolted into the safety of the house, I glanced back at the yard with more than a touch of apprehension.  With my own eyes, I had seen the snake change directions.  But based on Chalie’s reaction, I half expected to see that snake climbing the porch steps, relentlessly pursuing us.

Vacationing in the Maine woods is spectacular.

But it turns out that Chalie is just a little bit afraid of snakes.

We may never leave the house again.

Who needs to go outside?  Not me!  If you need me, I will be RIGHT HERE!

Chalie:  Who needs to go outside? Not me! If you need me, I will be RIGHT HERE!


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About Lisa

Lisa has two active blogs on Wordpress. Views from the RoofTop started as a blog space to share about crafting and using repurposed materials to make useful housewares and about my craft shop's mascot, RoofTop Chalie, the repurposed racing greyhound. It has evolved into a space to also share about the things in life that intrigue and inspire me. GAMES GAMES GAMES started because people asked Lisa to share many of the silly and fun games that are staples at her holiday parties.
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2 Responses to RoofTop Chalie Sees a Snake

  1. scrapsecrets says:

    Ummm I’m with Chalie!! Doesn’t matter how small, I’d be freaking out too.

  2. sharon says:

    loved the story of the encounter-keep them coming

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