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Vinyl Revival

The media says that vinyl records are making a comeback. New bands are starting to produce their music on vinyl and record stores are emerging, once again, all over the country. This month, a new record exchange, or used LP … Continue reading

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Customer Service With(out) a Smile

Apathetic: Showing or feeling no interest, enthusiasm, or concern. ………………………………………………………………. My luggage was lost (and I wasn’t even at an airport).  I had purchased the luggage in question on Cyber Monday last year, as a holiday gift for my son. … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You Just Buy A New One?

I have been a bit absent from this blog and from my Etsy site as well.  This is because a few weeks ago, my laptop seemed to have crashed. So Joe and I found ourselves sitting in seats reminiscent of … Continue reading

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Thrift store shopping, rap music….and a way cooler me!

Singing in the car is a guilty pleasure of mine. So the other day, I was driving along, belting out one of my new favorites….”I’m gonna pop some tags… Only got twenty dollars in my pocket….I, I, I’m hunting’, lookin … Continue reading

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History Education and the Princeton Record Exchange

The sign said Princeton Record Exchange, with an arrow pointing down a small side street. My 20 year old son, Josh, raised his eyebrows and said, “Hey Mom, what’s a record exchange? Like a used CD store?” He had a … Continue reading

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Real Upcycling, the Great Depression…and a Flour Sack Dress!

My neighbor Shirley was showing us photographs from her youth. I smiled as I looked at images of Shirley and her classmates weaving ribbons around a flag pole that had been festively transformed into a May Pole on that sunny … Continue reading

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