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Click on the link to check out RoofTop Creation’s Etsy shop!


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  1. I think that taking those items we have, and turning them into something else is definitely a wonderful and creative process, and perhaps even more than that, it, brings a new awareness and appreciation about the materials and fabrics that we humans use and have used through the years, to create those things that we need or in many cases, want.
    I find myself pondering about how we accumulate so much stuff, and in no time at all, we have things in our basements, our closets, drawers, on our shelves. They have sentimental value, and/or maybe they are things we use often. The idea of filling up landfills with all of our human made objects, that just sit there in the earth….. many of which don’t hardly break down, or take a gazillion years to, do need to be reused, recycled, used again…..given another chance, another use… which more people are doing! !!
    It is very uplifting and heart-warming to read about the RoofTop Creations! There is so much potential for us to be creative with what we already have.

    As one who is passionate about being outside, being an observer of the variety of life forms, nature has taught me, *not only how *precious *life is. …! which, it is; but, that it is very important to be grateful for that which we have,and to take good care of it, and to take good *care of each other!!!*
    The quality of our environment impacts us all of the time. The air that we all breathe, the water that we all drink and use in a thousand different ways, the soils where flowering plants grow which are visited by the pollinators, who without, we would not be indulging in all of the wonderful fruits and vegetables that we harvest from the earth. . . … .

    Taking care of each other, taking care and having pride where we live, taking care of the earth and realizing how precious what we have, is….. while we ‘have’ it, ~feels important to me.

    ~Amelie Harris-McGeehan
    Woodbury Community Garden

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