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The Reluctant Artist

On that day, a few years ago, the Sunday School kids each were each looking down at a piece of watercolor paper. They each had a supply of pastels and crayons and watercolor paints at their ready and a plastic … Continue reading

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The Value of School Music Programs…..and Joe’s (Very Audible) Appreciation of Jazz!!

Last night, Joe and I attended a music program where we listened to our favorites.  And if you know us….you know our favorites are quite different.  For me, there were pop songs, Broadway show tunes….and even a barbershop-style quintet.   … Continue reading

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Trying Hard to Raise Artsy Kids

“Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when  you grow up.”                                                     … Continue reading

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The Woodbury FAF…… and Why I Can Never Quit My Day Job!

The Woodbury Fine Arts Festival (FAF) is held right in my hometown.  So as I strive to promote my small and homespun craft business, RoofTop Creations, you’d expect that I might want to participate as a vendor….right?  Last year, the … Continue reading

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Make Art and Music…..Not War!!!

“There will always be war. World peace is an impossibility.”:   This cynical  quote came directly from the mouth of my handsome and sometimes too-intelligent-for-his-own-good 13 year old son.  The eighth grade writing assignment had asked Jake to compose a persuasive … Continue reading

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“I don’t feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren.”

In the classic 1990s teen comedy/drama, Empire Records,  AJ works at a record store, but in his heart, he is an artist.  The store is littered with his art supplies and evidence of his artwork in progress.  Some of AJ’s work is abstract, like the random splattering of quarters … Continue reading

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