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New Addition

To the yard sale family on Warren Street, thank you for giving him up. Because when I laid eyes on him, I could tell that you had loved him once. But now he was old, neglected, and ragged. As I … Continue reading

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Vinyl Revival

The media says that vinyl records are making a comeback. New bands are starting to produce their music on vinyl and record stores are emerging, once again, all over the country. This month, a new record exchange, or used LP … Continue reading

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The Value of School Music Programs…..and Joe’s (Very Audible) Appreciation of Jazz!!

Last night, Joe and I attended a music program where we listened to our favorites.  And if you know us….you know our favorites are quite different.  For me, there were pop songs, Broadway show tunes….and even a barbershop-style quintet.   … Continue reading

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“Grow old with me…..the best is yet to be.”    – Robert Browning Anniversaries are times to celebrate.  But anniversaries are also times to reflect.  We get nostalgic, and we ask questions. We ask questions like…..in this partnership, where have … Continue reading

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Hey, Hey, My, My…..Rock and Roll Can Never Die

If you are old enough, you might remember a brief period in the late 1970s when teen boys who were usually clad in t-shirts emblazoned with their favorite rock and roll bands, like Yes and Rush and the Who, suddenly … Continue reading

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My Own Personal Jukebox

How can it be it that the iHeartRadio app seems to really know me?  The make-your-own radio station application let me plug in the name of my favorite artist, Jack Johnson (who is also my double secret boyfriend) and the computer program automatically … Continue reading

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Make Art and Music…..Not War!!!

“There will always be war. World peace is an impossibility.”:   This cynical  quote came directly from the mouth of my handsome and sometimes too-intelligent-for-his-own-good 13 year old son.  The eighth grade writing assignment had asked Jake to compose a persuasive … Continue reading

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“I don’t feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren.”

In the classic 1990s teen comedy/drama, Empire Records,  AJ works at a record store, but in his heart, he is an artist.  The store is littered with his art supplies and evidence of his artwork in progress.  Some of AJ’s work is abstract, like the random splattering of quarters … Continue reading

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Thrift store shopping, rap music….and a way cooler me!

Singing in the car is a guilty pleasure of mine. So the other day, I was driving along, belting out one of my new favorites….”I’m gonna pop some tags… Only got twenty dollars in my pocket….I, I, I’m hunting’, lookin … Continue reading

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History Education and the Princeton Record Exchange

The sign said Princeton Record Exchange, with an arrow pointing down a small side street. My 20 year old son, Josh, raised his eyebrows and said, “Hey Mom, what’s a record exchange? Like a used CD store?” He had a … Continue reading

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