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The Super-Mega Sofa Challenge……and the Company of Good Friends

“So a computer scientist, an architect, and a mathematician were trying to move a couch……..” This could be the start of a great comedy bit, right?  But the couch story is real….and it wasn’t all that funny. Josh moved last … Continue reading

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Peace, Love….and the Hippie Free Store

They traveled by VW bus…..and sometimes by the horsepower of an outstretched thumb.  They grew out their hair, burned their bras, and jumped on the peace train. Some headed to San Fran or NYC….or other places that promised a difference. … Continue reading

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Hey, Hey, My, My…..Rock and Roll Can Never Die

If you are old enough, you might remember a brief period in the late 1970s when teen boys who were usually clad in t-shirts emblazoned with their favorite rock and roll bands, like Yes and Rush and the Who, suddenly … Continue reading

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Waste Not, Want Not!

The gal from our church’s thrift shop, the Upper Room Thrift, had asked Joe to carry parts of two old twin-size beds out to the trash.  “Unfortunately, we can’t sell them like that,” she said.  “We have the head boards … Continue reading

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Peace, Love, and Pumpkin Wars

With autumn and Halloween just around the corner, I am remembering an upcycling  tradition (well sort of) that Joe and I once participated in at this time of year……. The invitation was for the First Annual Pumpkin Demolition Derby.  My … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You Just Buy A New One?

I have been a bit absent from this blog and from my Etsy site as well.  This is because a few weeks ago, my laptop seemed to have crashed. So Joe and I found ourselves sitting in seats reminiscent of … Continue reading

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Not-So-Final Vinyl!

Recently, I was at a craft show, selling bowls and clocks made from repurposed vinyl LP records. A kid, maybe 12 years old, ran up to my stand and picked up a bowl made from a scratched up Styx album…..Cornerstone.  The kid sucked in … Continue reading

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“Tree-Cycling”…While Avoiding a Neighborhood Feud!!

At my RoofTop Creations shop, I pride myself on the fact that I make coasters only from fallen or discarded wood…or “tree-cycling!”  Logs come to me serendipidously and intermittently.  When a friend loses a tree in a storm or has a tree taken … Continue reading

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