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New Addition

To the yard sale family on Warren Street, thank you for giving him up. Because when I laid eyes on him, I could tell that you had loved him once. But now he was old, neglected, and ragged. As I … Continue reading

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Vinyl Revival

The media says that vinyl records are making a comeback. New bands are starting to produce their music on vinyl and record stores are emerging, once again, all over the country. This month, a new record exchange, or used LP … Continue reading

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Honor Among Thieves, I Mean Crafters

Writer’s disclaimer:  This post was written about a craft show where I was a seller and about people I met (or perhaps fabricated), in the very distant past (or maybe it was just yesterday).  Any resemblance you might notice to … Continue reading

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What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

My boss has started to drop the word retirement in casual conversation and that’s got me worrying and thinking.  And while his exact timeline for exiting the workforce has not been revealed to myself and my quirky band of coworkers, … Continue reading

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I’m Driving…….You Navigate!!

Jeff Spicoli, the surfer/stoner played by Sean Penn in the classic teen film Fast Times at Ridgemont High did not realize that he was headed for trouble when he said those fateful words……….“I’m driving. You navigate.”    ———————————————————————————— Navigation.  It can … Continue reading

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“Grow old with me…..the best is yet to be.”    – Robert Browning Anniversaries are times to celebrate.  But anniversaries are also times to reflect.  We get nostalgic, and we ask questions. We ask questions like…..in this partnership, where have … Continue reading

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Waste Not, Want Not!

The gal from our church’s thrift shop, the Upper Room Thrift, had asked Joe to carry parts of two old twin-size beds out to the trash.  “Unfortunately, we can’t sell them like that,” she said.  “We have the head boards … Continue reading

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Upcycled Cosmos

Over dinner tonight, Jake and Joe were having an enthusiastic and noisy conversation about the nature of the universe. And in my house, science conversations can get pretty animated, so naturally, there was talk about the decay of radioactive materials, … Continue reading

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Peace, Love, and Pumpkin Wars

With autumn and Halloween just around the corner, I am remembering an upcycling  tradition (well sort of) that Joe and I once participated in at this time of year……. The invitation was for the First Annual Pumpkin Demolition Derby.  My … Continue reading

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Innovative Mother’s Day Gifts: Flowers? Jewelry? or Recycled Trash?!……..a special post for the South Jersey Etsy Mother’s Day Blog Hop

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it is time to think of the perfect gift! We all know that gift giving can be tough. But when we are unsure of what to give, we can always tell ourselves … Continue reading

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